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No Value Pack / ICS For Samsung Galaxy S

Another bad news for Samsung Galaxy S users, an officer from Samsung accepted that there will be no Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or any Value Added pack for Samsung Galaxy S users. This means that there will no ICS type experience for Galaxy S users. It was obvious that due to hardware limitations Galaxy S cannot get any ICS interface or features. Earlier there are many rumors that Samsung will provide Android 4.0 (ICS) update for Samsung S, but later on this news was taken as fake and it was proposed that Samsung will provide a value added pack for Galaxy S with some user interface and features of Ice cream Sandwich.

Ice-cream sandwich

Although officially there is no Android 4.0 for Samsung Galaxy S but the developers at XDA forum has successfully ported the latest version of Ice cream Sandwich to Galaxy S, and almost all the features are working fine, so if you are a Galaxy S user and want to test the Android 4.0, then you can head over to this thread at XDA forum. Although this port is still not stable and is under development, but you can give it a try at your own risk.

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