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Vodafone To Raise Tariff In Punjab By 20%

August 4, 2011

Following Airtel, which hiked its Advantage pack by 20 percent last week, Vodafone Essar on Tuesday decided to raise its call rates by 20 per cent and SMS charges by 66 to 150 per cent from tomorrow.

Announcing changes in the tariff plan for ”pay per second’ in the public notice, the company has said local and STD call rates on ‘Vodafone to Vodafone’ and from ‘Vodafone to others’ network will be 1.2 paise per second from 1 paisa per second at present.

Currently, Vodafone is charging 1 paise per second from its prepaid customers.

Vodafone Essar has also announced local SMS charges of Rs 1 per SMS as against 60 paise being charged at present, showing an increase of 66 per cent in charges.

The rates are on a par with those of Airtel, which had also hiked the SMS rates.

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