One Minute of Social Media Love: How Much People Share Within 60 Seconds via Mobile

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The modern world is teeming with data—some may even call it data overload. There is so much information, communication, and entertainment available at our fingertips, and this phenomenon is continually expanding into every corner of the globe. It’s extremely interesting to note just how much people share within the space of a minute.

Status Updates

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No doubt that social media has broken every data share record in existence. In a mere 60 seconds, there are 510,000 posts to Facebook, 120,000 tweets on Twitter, and 2,083 check-ins with Foursquare. Around 293,000 people update their Facebook status each minute while another 136,000 photos are uploaded to the social media site’s Timeline.

All of this is made possible by super-fast connection speeds. As of 2011, over 77,244 Wi-Fi connections are made on the iPhone every minute, with 51,937 additional connections coming from Android. These figures are likely to be higher this year.


using mobile cell phone

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With so many images to share, the penchant for uploading photos on the internet seeps into other aspects of social media. Flickr sees about 3,500 photos uploaded every 60 seconds. That’s enough photographs to form a stack of printed photos taller than today’s average NBA player. Instagram boasts 1,350 photos uploaded and Twitter sees about 1,475 third-party photos each minute, while websites like Yelp still lag behind at only two new photos per minute.

To put some of these figures in perspective, the amount of image uploads to Facebook in 15 minutes alone would equal the total number of photographs stored in the New York public photo archives! With the arrival of the latest smartphones, such as the new T-mobile Windows phone that runs on Windows 8 and the Samsung Note 2 that runs on Android ICS, with their advanced features for image editing and sharing online, going digital is the preferred norm for images now.

Reviews, Ad Requests, and Music

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Online reviews boast less impressive figures, but Yelp still sees 20 new reviews posted every minute. That number is likely to be much higher on product purchasing websites like Amazon. Ad requests fare better, with 4,111 advertisements being clicked on Mobclix’s network. This translates to an astounding 400,710 ad requests every 60 seconds, with 140,248 of them being rich media requests. Instant music is one major perk of having a smartphone, and it’s been estimated that 2,000 lyrics are played every minute on Tunewiki. Additionally, a total of three hours’ worth of video is uploaded to Youtube from mobile devices per minute.

Downloads and More

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Apps have become must-haves for today’s smartphone user, so it’s no surprise that as many as 23,148 apps are downloaded every minute from the app store. To put the download and mobile gameplay in perspective, 208,333 minutes of Angry Birds are played globally for every real-time minute.

Every 60 seconds there are 1,500 pings sent on PingMe, 34,597 people using Zinio, and 463 European mobile banking interactions.

As smartphone use, connection speed, and newer mobile services improve at lightning speed, we can expect to see a dramatic increase in mobile banking and payment options, downloads, image sharing, and social media use. With so much content and information out there, this world becomes much smaller and more connected, one minute at a time.



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How to choose a perfect mobile phone

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  Gone are the days when a mobile phone’s sole purpose was to make phone calls. These days, mobile phones come equipped with a vast array of features, which makes it very difficult to choose an ideal mobile phone to suit your needs. This guide will help you determine how to buy the right mobile phone.

The first way to filter out a lot of mobile phones is to set a budget. Since most people do not have an unlimited budget, they can remove any phones they cannot afford from their options. Once you have done this, you will be left with a smaller pool of phones to choose from.

The next step is to determine what exactly your level of use would be. Many people use their mobile phones for only texting and talking. All phones come equipped with the ability to send and receive both calls and text messages, so if you are one of those people, you should pick a phone on the basis of durability and price.

However, if you are among the growing group of people who seek the ability to capture photographs and record videos with your new mobile phones, or if you wish to download apps to cater to almost anything, you will need to do a lot of research to find your ideal phone. This research process begins with deciding which technology you want.

There are a number of mobile phone operating systems available to choose from. These include, but are not limited to Apple’s iOS technology, Google’s Android technology, Accenture’s Symbian technology, Microsoft’s Windows technology and Research in Motion’s Blackberry technology. There is extensive information available on the pros and cons of each of these systems.

Currently, Android and iOS are the two most popular operating systems in use. If you end up choosing iOs, your decision is likely to get a lot easier, since only phones developed by Apple run on this technology. However, if you opt for the Android operating system, picking a phone can become much more challenging since there are a lot of manufacturers that have embedded it in their phones.

At the end of the day, a phone should be considered as a long term investment. You should aim to get maximum use out of your phone at a minimal price. Factors such as price, features, style, technology, brand name and warranty should all play a part in determining which mobile phone suits you perfectly.


ICS (Android 4.0) Launched For Galaxy S2

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Finally a good news for Samsung Galaxy SII owners, Samsung has recently released official Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) update for SGS2. The ICS firmware is dated 9th March 2012. Although Samsung has taken a little bit of time for releasing the ICS update still this firmware has no bluish ICS interface and is very much similar to Android 2.3.6. Galaxy SII owners must be expected something better, I, myself being a Samsung Galaxy S2 user, wanted a little more from them. Right now we can only wait for another update with few new features.

Galaxy S2 Android 4

The firmware is based on I9100XXLPQ (4.0.3) with modem XXLPQ and CSC OXALPQ, while the kernel build is 3.0.15. Although the update has not taken place worldwide and is limited to certain countries, but still if you want to try this ICS final build from Samsung, then you can have a look at XDA Forum or SAM Mobile, from where you can download this firmware along with the instructions for flashing/updating your Samsung Galaxy S2.


ICS For Samsung Galaxy S2 Coming Soon

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It was already confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S2 will receive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4), but now it is confirmed that the update will be available in the first quarter of the year 2012.  Although few alpha releases of ICS for Galaxy S2 has been rolled out in various android forums, but they are still very much unstable and far away from the final firmware.

Along with Samsung Galaxy S2, the other devices that are scheduled for an Ice Cream Sandwich update are Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy Note, Galaxy R, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 7.7, and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.


Although Samsung has announced that the update will be out by the first quarter of the next year (2012), but again it will depend upon the country and the mobile operator. So lets wait for the ICS update for Samsung Galaxy S2 and see how much potential the new firmware have bought for our little champ (Galaxy S2).


Buy Apps From Android Market For 10 Cent

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Recently Google announced that Android market cross over the 10 billion downloads on 6th Dec, 2011. To celebrate this success Android Market will have an unbelievable sale of Top 10 premium applications daily for next 10 days. To start with you will get the following 10 applications for 10 cent each for today:

  1. Great Little War Game
  2. SketchBook Mobile
  3. Paper Camera
  4. Sound Hound
  5. Asphalt 6
  6. Fieldrunners HD
  7. SwiftKey
  8. Minecraft
  9. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro
  10. Color and Draw for Kids

10 cent application
The list of these 10 applications will change everyday for the next 10 days, it means you can download 100 premium applications in 10 days only for 10$. Isn’t this great.


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