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Best Browser Of The Year 2011

July 11, 2011

Opera 11.50 has subtle, under-the-hood changes over Opera 11. A critical vulnerability has now been fixed, the Presto rendering engine has been updated. The most known feature of Opera is the Speed Dial home screen, which gives you quick access to your most preferred websites. The interface has more controls you can play around with, yet it doesn’t look too cluttered or obtrusive. When played around with Opera is a powerful browser and can suit every need of a power user.

You can edit frames and play around with how you see the layout on any page. Speed Dial, now updated to version 2.0, is a lot more flexible and configurable. Previews can be made to update in real time, no longer being mere thumbnails. If you are using slow internet connection, you will find Opera Turbo to be handy. Turbo compress images and content via Opera’s servers and chops off a great amount of time spent in loading pages. Opera consumes a substantial amount of memory even at startup. However, even when ten tabs were opened, it showed no signs of slowing down. Every tab loaded quickly.

Opera 11.5Mouse gestures and voice commands make usability much easier. For those who like to…. err cover their tracks, you can quickly start browsing in a private tab, just the way you open a new tab. If convergence, specifically an all-in-one client, is what you seek, Opera Unite is one amazingly flexible and nifty tool, which tries to fulfill all your web needs within Opera itself. Streaming music, uploading pictures, instant messaging, you name it and you have got it. You also have an email client and a bit torrent client. Opera 11.50 is a powerfull, quick and feature-rich browser packed into just a 7 MB executable file!


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