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So after a long time, Thesis got a performance improvment with the release of Thesis 1.8.1. Thesis is one of the best premium theme for wordpress with great SEO capabilities. We are also using the Thesis Framework for our blog, and the results are in front of you. If you don’t know what Thesis is all about, then click here.

[box type="green"]Whats new in Thesis 1.8.1[/box]

Thesis 1.8.1 removes a bug when you edit category page from WordPress admin interface and also removal of cache-busting query strings.

Cache-busting query strings helps users to see up-to-date version of CSS and its useful only if you change your design all the time. But this created issues with caching from browser and that’s why in Thesis 1.8.1, cache-busting feature has been removed from Thesis.

Though it’s a quick update and even if you wish to skip updating your Thesis theme to 1.8.1, you can do that.

But if you are planning to buy Thesis theme, it’s right time to grab one license of Thesis, as after this update, we can expect Thesis 2.0 to be rolled out soon and prices might increase when Thesis 2.0 comes out.

[box type="red"]Click Here To Download Thesis 1.8.1[/box]

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  1. NS @TeckDevil
    January 1, 2012

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    When is the version 2 releasing? I’ve seen it being discussed quite ofter but don’t know if it released or not :(
    DiyThemes don’t like giving any information on their website.

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