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HDFC Netbanking : Security Re-defined

All HDFC Bank Savings and Current account holders can access their account through NetBanking. HDFC Netbanking has good security measures to safeguard their customers. There is no charge for HDFC Netbanking. You can perform almost all the features online via HDFC Netbanking.

  • As a part of Secure Access, logging into HDFC Bank NetBanking is now a two step process. After keying in your customer id on the first screen, we will take you to the next one where you can enter your password.
  • Secure Access has an innovative Multi-layered Authentication Process, which requires you to register for conducting ANY Third Party Transaction. A personalized picture and message will help you identify fraud sites.

How safe are my requests/transactions on NetBanking?

You can be assured of complete privacy when you use HDFC Bank’s NetBanking facility. HDFC have built several checks to safeguard your NetBanking transactions. Before you gain access to your account, you will be asked to enter your unique customer ID and IPIN (password) to verify your identity. To maximise the security and confidentiality of your transactions, your password is not accessible to anyone, not even bank employees.

When you bank with HDFC on the Internet, you are always in a secure zone. To ensure the security of your transactions, they use a technology called Secured Socket Layer (SSL), which involves scrambling of the information between you and the Bank. If an unauthorised user tries to access your account by keying in various combinations while trying to guess your password, your account will automatically get locked. Moreover, when you log-in to NetBanking, your last date and time of log-in will be displayed so that you can make sure that nobody has accessed your account.

In addition to these online security features, they have in place a dedicated team to monitor the access to the web server and to prevent unauthorised access.

These features work together to maximise the security of your banking transactions. However, in order to ensure complete security, please remember to log-out of NetBanking after you have completed your transactions.

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