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Ram Survey : Know About Them

May 30, 2011

About Ram Survey

RAM SURVEY is an independent India based company specializing in market research with huge numbers of associates and panelists in just six months. We are a professionally managed market research company based in Mirzapur (UP) and providing market research, direct marketing, surveys, international research, market analysis to leading & reputed organizations in India and abroad.

Why To Join Them

You are a customer and have an opinion. Your opinion matters. And now we give you an Opportunity to mint your opinion every time you express it.

Your valuable opinion will immensely help shape up the products and services you desire or need. Once you are a part of the Ram Survey panel, you get the:

Power to choose or change An opportunity to customize the products and services you use and help product creators make products that suit your needs.

Rewards for your opinion Yes, you earn reward points for each survey you fill. We understand that your time is precious and you should be compensated for it

Opportunity to develop a strong consumer community Bring your friends to the panel and you get rewarded once they join us

YOU are a brand owner and want valuable consumer feedback.

User feedback about products and services can go a long way in making or breaking a brand. Ram Survey helps you:

Identify the specific target audience of your products and services from our vast pool of panelists

Get feedback from your target audience about your products and services.

Generate good quality record Ram Survey engine is very robust and strong. Our processes are embedded with quality checks at each level. We attach a screener questionnaire before the actual questionnaire, to ensure that only the target audience specified by you gets the final questionnaire.

Contact Them Here

Visit Ram Survey

*We are not associated with Ram Survey in any means. This is only an information about Ram Survey, although you can post your experience and reviews about them.

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1 saurabh June 4, 2011 at 12:37 pm

ALL IS WELL GUYS. Soon you will come to know about the new schemes and new updates from RAM SURVEY. Dont take these rumors seriously. And please do not be negative. We are the strength of RAM SURVEY. Please do not loose hope. Soon RAM SURVEY will be in the full phase of work once again with everything settled up. So chill and be happy. You all will get the money back. Dont worry. Every thing is being fixed up fastly and soon you will have a new look of RAM SURVEY. Come and join my group in Delhi. Call SAURABH @ 9911719560 and join my group at 10% discount. Bole to at just Rs. 3150.

SAURABH 9911719560


2 Rakesh June 18, 2011 at 10:15 am

why the payment request is not available.payment request is nessary for groth of Ramsurvey.


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