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10 Keyword Targetting Techniques Which Always Works

July 28, 2011

On page keyword optimization is one of the crucial aspect of SEO and all the more important in case of blogs. As bloggers one need to master this art and science in order to build search engine presence for their site. It is important to understand first that one should write any content with users in perspective and not just search engines. Ancient techniques like keyword stuffing, misplaced concepts like keyword density are long gone. Concepts like Page, domain level relevance and LDA have proved to have correlation with search rankings. The post gives quick fire tips on how bloggers can increase visibility for their articles on search engines and also persuade users.

  1. Primary Keyword phrase within URL.
  2. Keyword usage within the first 75 words of the article.
  3. Keywords within the META title and META description.
  4. Internal linking to relevant content with in the site with proper keywords.
  5. Use variants of primary and secondary keywords and also other keywords which increase the overall relevance of the topic.
  6. Keyword usage in <h1> and <h2> tags.
  7. Use theme centric titles across the domain to make the domain relevant to the topic instead optimizing a single page.
  8. Proper formatting of text to make it more readable using bold, italics and lists.
  9. Usage of various multimedia like pictures, video, presentations to enhance on page user experience.
  10. Proper keyword focused optimization of images through keyword specific alt tag and files names.

Any content writer on the web have to remember that content is king and SEO is just a way to bring visibility to it. Ultimately the content is read by users and not bots. It is how well you write for users that will depend how well it spreads on social media, which once again improves SEO indirectly.

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