Students Can Earn Money Via Freelancing

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Freelancing when studying is always a good idea. Not only do you get to earn some money but you can also hone your skills. It also adds to your knowledge and makes for an impressive addition to your resume. Finding freelance work is not as difficult as you might think, especially if you are adept with computers and the Internet. These days, lots of start ups are looking for people to do small jobs for them. The reason these start ups prefer outsourcing the jobs is that they usually function on shoe string budgets.

One website that offers you the opportunity to apply for such freelance jobs is Set up by IIT Madras alumni, its the perfect portal for IT students who are looking to earn some money. The portal follows some strict rules and access to the work is restricted. Even the projects uploaded are only from trusted sources, and the students have to pass a Ninja Challenge to be able to compete for the projects.

To ensure the completion of projects, the start ups are currently being charged a premium over and above the project money. In the future, the site plans to start a subscription plan for start ups. The service is currently free for students, and you can make anything from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 10,000 depending on complexity of the project. Some of the project floated on the site include bug fixing, clearing junk files from a Web server, PHP developer, etc.


How To Earn Money On Your Images

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While you are posting your new topics you are most likely using an image. You should have a cover in all of your threads and if you are posting a tv show or a film you are probably having some screenshots in the post. I would recommend to use images instead of a thumbnail. If you are using images, you are having more images and that means more clicks and that results in more money for you.

The website I want to promote today is called Image Porter.

Image Porter supports both family safe images and adult images. It’s one of the best alternatives out there in my honest opinion.

Image Porter pays 1,35$ per 1000 views and there is not many image hosts that can pay that well. Remember that this is not 1000 downloads. It is actually 1000 views. 1000 views isn’t much at all, one post can easily get hundreds of views and if you’re having multiple images that can easily be thousands of views just for one post.

Let’s say you are posting the latest Harry Potter movie. You are including the cover, of course and you are using for example 8 single images (screenshots). If the person who views your threads clicks on all of those links, that’s actually 9 views just from one person.

That’s quite alot, right?

Image Porter deals with payments every single day. You don’t have to wait to a specific day before you can ask for a payout compared to other hosts you have to wait to a specific day before you can request a payout.

That’s another positive feature of Image Porter. If you need your money quickly, you can just ask for a payout.

I see people that says they need money urgent, so what would be better than a host that pays you when you want ..

Image Porter supports Paypal and Money Bookers at the moment. I assume they are going to put up other payment methodes in near future.

Referral system is activated and you can earn 10% of the earnings of the person you refered via your referral link. Spread your referral link and earn even more money without any extra work.

You need to have at least $5 in your account before you can request a payout. That’s about 5000 views. Peace of cake, really.

I love the design of the website. It is great, it’s been done by a great designer. Good job on that part. A good design is definately of those things that got my attention in the first place when I visited Image Porter for the first time.

Image Porter proofs of payment posted by an user

Earning Proof
Earning Proof

Last thing you should know is that the max upload size is 5mb and you can upload 5 images at once.


Best Ways to Generate Traffic and Earn Money Online

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Do you want some nice amount of traffic for your new website or blog..?? Do you want to generate good revenue from your new website or blog..??  So here are few best tested sources to get quality traffic to your website and increase your online earnings: