Facebook New Share Count Feature

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Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most dominating social networking websites that has carved its niche. With the launch of Google plus, there has been a tremendous change in the operating style of Facebook. Day by day a new feature is being added to Facebook and it seems  it’s just copying the features of Google +. Recently, new features like Facebook subscribe button, video chat, smart list  have been added to Facebook that are inspired from Google +.

To add-on to the list, another new feature has been added. Facebook has rolled out share count for status update. Earlier when somebody shared someone’s updates, it never intimated the user about the number of times his status or post got reshared. But starting today, you will see no. of shares and when you click on it, it will also show people who have shared your status updates or link shared on your wall. This also works for your uploaded photos. This feature will enable the user to know how popular his update or post is getting and how many shares they are getting.

And when you click on view shares, it will show a list of people who shared your status and more over, all the comments and likes associated with it.

This feature is surely going to be a big hit among Facebook lovers. But these are the features that are being copied from Google +. Well who cares who is copying whom, the plus appoint is the end users are being benefitted, and this is all that matters to us. So, people go ahead and when you log in to your Facebook account this time, do not forget to check out this new feature.


Online Learning Boosted By Google Plus

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Too early to tell yet, but the intersection of cyber schools with the newest social media player may yield real benefits for students looking to have a rich experience while going to college. Google+ offers facets that have long been staples of undergrad life. Sharing with friends, following a favorite band, walking that awkward line running among different circles of friends, and of course, getting your coursework finished are all parts of both college life and GPlus’ strong suits. The implications of this juncture for online learning are extensive.

Consumer demand, active on both education and technology, has driven innovation at unprecedented speed. Mortar and brick colleges have, for at least a decade, recognized the need to offer online courses, while a whole industry of Internet-based schools has developed in response to both funding opportunities as well as a willing demographic of learners seeking the flexibility of taking their classes entirely through the use of technology. Coinciding with these developments has been the rise of social media which is well incorporated now with education activities at all levels. But with Google+, there is at least the possibility of most social media desires by students existing on a single platform.

Facebook, the undisputed leader in social networking sites, has plenty of account holders of college age, but its very dominance may prove a detriment through burnout and lack of newness, a problem the six-week old G+ doesn’t have. These two sites, often compared, have different approaches to sharing. Facebook users, at least for now, post for all their Friends to see. With Google’s product, contacts are known as People, hardly without a thought at FB’s overly familiar label for even mild acquaintances. Of Google+’s People, Circles exists which can be included, or more importantly, excluded from disseminated posts, the benefit being that you can separate what you share about the bachelor party from what you share about the wedding itself, something college students have needed for generations.

Currently, Google+ is trending with a crowd just slightly older than traditional college age students, but with many universities using Google educational services to provide everything from free e-mail to course platforms, the search engine giant’s latest and best introduction is poised to share with, though not replace, many of the functions older, if that term can accurately be applied to social media in 2011, networking sites now provide to online learners.


Facebook Got 25 Million In 3 yrs, Google+ In 1 Month

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According to latest data revealed by online research firm comScore, Google’s new social networking site Google+ has crossed 25 million users mark in less than one month, becoming the fastest-growing website ever.

According to comScore, Google Plus attracted 25 million unique visitors as of Jul 24 and is growing at a rate of roughly one million visitors a day. Interestingly, Google+ rival Facebook took nearly three years to reach 25 million user mark and the micro-blogging website Twitter took more than 30 months.

The report also revealed that United States has more Google+ users followed by India, Canada and UK. More than 6 million unique visitors visited Google+ in last one month and 3.6 million visitors were from India.

Canada and Britain contributed 1 million unique visitors each followed by Germany with 920,000 and Brazil with 780,000 visitors.

“Obviously, this is a very strong growth trajectory,” said Andrew Lipsman, vice president for industry analysis at comScore.


Google Plus Login Tips

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Google has recently launched its own social networking website, Google Plus. Like every Google Service Google Plus has also become one of the most popular social networking site in a short span of time. Google Plus is giving a strong competition to Facebook, and may override Facebook in future anytime soon.

Like other social networking websites, Google Plus also stores your personal and social information, so it is necessary that you take necessary steps to protect your account from being misused. So we would like to protect our users privacy from being violated by providing few tips regarding Google Plus Login. These are only few points that a user of any Social Networking site, including Google Plus Login can take care of to be safe.

  • If you are logging Google Plus from a public computer or from a cyber cafe, then never click on ‘Remember Me’, this will store your password on that computer and anyone can access your Google Plus Login and may misuse your private information.
  • Today most of the browser allow you to save your Google Plus login details for faster access to your account next time, so if you are on a public PC then NEVER allow the browser to save your password.
  • Double check that you are logging to plus.google.com, because there may be many Google Plus Login look alike sites that may steal your password.
  • Don’t use simple passwords like 12345, use a combination of small letters, capital letters, digits, special symbols, etc.
  • Change your password frequently.
  • Do not share your Google Plus login details with your friends or even family members.
  • Provide your valid mobile number in Google Plus password recovery, so that your Google Plus login password can only be recovered via mobile verification.

Although there are many tips that can be used for Google Plus Login, but I have provided only basic steps that can help you to protect your social networking accounts, especially Google Plus account. So be smart, be safe.

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How Google Plus Is Better Than Others ?

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So here we will talk about how google plus is better than other social networking sites. First of all I would like to ask what is Google Plus?

[box type="yellow"]What is Google Plus ?[/box]

Google plus is the newest social networking site launched by google itself. It has created a good impact on its users and unlike the products of it like the google wave.

But google couldn’t win me as I didn’t find anything new in it, its looks like facebook and has same features as facebook has.

Google already has more users than Facebook, over one billion. They aren’t going to suddenly leave Facebook in droves, they’re just going to spend more time on all the sites in Google’s network. That big notifications box in the top right of all Google sites is the reason why.

But sooner or later google plus will get stable and will grab the users attention more.

So lets get some knowledge about its features.

[box type="red"]Google Hangouts[/box]

While Facebook has just recently rolled out a video chat feature for their users, they may face stiff competition from Google Plus Hangouts. At this time, Hangouts seems to be the better option. You can have a video call with up to ten people at the same time, while video chat on Facebook is only limited to one person at a time.

Another cool part of Hangouts is the ability to view a YouTube video while on the call with your friends. It’ll be interesting to see if this is one of those features that makes people want to sign up for Google Plus.

[box type="green"]Google Sparks[/box]

Another interesting feature inside of Google Plus is Sparks. This basically allows you to receive information related to your personal interests. For example, if you’re into basketball, you’ll get the latest information on the NBA lockout. You can think of Sparks as being like Google News, except that you have all of those updates in one place and can share them with your friends. The interesting thing here is that you can receive information, consume it, and share it all in one location.

[box type="green"]Google Plus And Circles[/box]

Have you ever wanted to post a picture on Facebook but didn’t want your Mom or Grandma to see it? Google Plus seems to have helped solve this problem by the addition of a feature called “Circles.” You simply place your friends into different groups, or Circles, and the information that you share is displayed to the appropriate party.

If you have a work-related link that isn’t relevant to your close friends, that link is only shared with co-workers or friends in your industry. Likewise, the picture of you dancing on top of the table at the bar isn’t visible to your boss.

[box type="blue"]Google +1 Button[/box]

Last but not the least we have the google +1 button which many say mimics the facebook ‘like’ button in many ways. Voting up a link or an article on google+1 will mean that you are sharing the article with all your followers and it will be displayed publicly on your profile allowing it to be voted up by your followers again and the possibility to go viral through consequent votes.

So the major draw back of this Google Plus is that you cannot sign up anywhere. You need to get an invite from another user and then can use the unlimited features of it.

[box type="gray"]How to get google+ invite from a user ?[/box]

We at Xinz are sending invites to our readers as we think sharing is only caring and thus by sending an invite would make us grow our network and let you unlock the features of Google Plus.

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