Proxmox installation issues on version 3.x – Troubleshooting –

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Having issues installing Proxmox 3.x using an ISO file you downloaded? Recently I took note to an issue I “was” having when trying to install Proxmox 3.0 or 3.1 on a system I have. The system is a  2x quad Xeon CPU Server. I in fact did download the official ISO file directly from the official ISO Download Page.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Allow me to explain how I completed this install.

First you need to successfully install Proxmox 2.2, Then follow these few steps to easily upgrade the Proxmox 2.2 system to 2.3. This process is simple and will need SSH access. I suggest you use Putty SSH client to do so. Now you will need to start upgrading. your system. To do so, open putty and type in the servers IP address. Connect to port 22 and enter your ROOT username and password.


Update your repository and packagesIf you get any errors, your sources.list (or your network) has a problem. Before you update your system, you should stop all your running VM´s.

apt-get update

Now upgrade the packages:

apt-get dist-upgrade

Once completed, reboot to activate the new Kernel
(You now will have Proxmox 2.3)


Full upgrade information is found at

Now log back into your server using Putty. Then change directory to a temp folder:

cd /tmp

Download the upgrade script:

Stop all your VMs and Containers

Depending on your Internet connection and hardware, the upgrade will take some time (if everything is fast it will take about 10 minutes). The script is idempotent, so you can safely restart it if something goes wrong.

The script can download the packages (around 280 MB) before the packages are installed, so this is a good method to minimize downtime, especially if your internet connection is slow.

./pve-upgrade-2.3-to-3.0 --download-only

If all goes well, you should see last lines like these:

Fetched 277 MB in 6min 7s (752 kB/s)
Download complete and in download only mode
download successful

If you are really ready for the upgrade, run the script:


YOUR DONE! If all goes well, you should see last lines like these:

run ./pve-upgrade-2.3-to-3.0 --purge if you want to remove them
apt-get clean
upgrade successful - Please reboot this node.

(You now will have Proxmox 3.x)


Complete install steps as well as troubleshooting, cluster upgrades and more. 
Go to:

How I happened to notice this issue?

Simple, I was trying to install Proxmox on a system and it wouldn’t complete no matter how many PCs I used to burn the DVD or how many times I tried my USB stick, it just wouldn’t install. I have two of this servers that are clones of each other and the same issue would happen on both servers. So after about 10 wasted DVDs and three hours of time, I decided to install 2.2 and upgrade as I described above. This worked perfectly and I now am running 3.1 on this server.

Download link found on the Download Page