Search Engine Optimization – 7 Strategies For Effective SEO

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Do you want to improve your rankings in Google?     Seo--Search-Engine-Optimization

The search engine optimization world isn’t as difficult as we’ve been taught.

In fact, simple tweaks can go a long way to enhance your website’s reach and attract more organic traffic.

Google isn’t in the business of penalizing sites – the web is an open ground where you can build a sustainable business.

In this article, I’d like to share my seven strategies to help your web page rank highly.

The Panda and Penguin updates are powerful forces to reckon with.

For that very reason, the tips in this post are going to focus on the latest SEO requirements.

Enjoy and leave a comment below…

1.      Know who you’re writing to

Many people see SEO as a complicated system. They wonder how they can easily dominate Google first page. But that shouldn’t bother you. In fact, stop contemplating and start studying the market you want to write to.

As a website owner, you need to first recognize the person you’re writing to. What’s their demographic and geographic facet?

Does your audience consist of entrepreneurs, high income earners or students? Use Google keyword tool to study your market and to know the direction of thoughts flowing in your reader’s mind.

Use that mindset and data to write your content. You’d definitely reach a new audience and please Google.

2.      Improve your site’s load time

If your website/blog loads slowly, it can affect your rankings in Google. Yes, quality content is still King, but what’s the essence of good content when people can’t access it easily? It’s all about increasing the load speed of your blog.

Clear your sidebar and get rid of irrelevant and unwanted widgets. The vital widgets you need in your blog’s sidebar are “popular posts, recent posts and maybe a text widget.

Any other widget is secondary. Deactivate and delete unused plugins from your wordpress database.

Fast loading sites helps in search engine optimization. Google even recommends that you make your information easily accessible.

3.      Optimize the Meta Tags

The Meta Tags consists of the Title, Description and Image Tags. You’ll surely boost your rankings if the keywords used on the Title agree with the Description keyword.

Many people have misused keyword placement; they stuff it and that’s why Google rolled out the Panda update.

Edit your Meta Tags section and make sure you’ve your key terms there. The Meta Tag is the hub of your site. Search engine spider usually crawl the Title Tag before indexing your article.

Don’t forget to optimize your images also. If you can’t rank for a particular keyword because of the competition, you can easily rank for images – and drive traffic to your site.

4.      Write keyword-rich headlines

If you ignore every search engine strategy, the headline is a must for you. Because it’s the most important element in your text-based content.

When Google spider arrives at your site, it’d look into the Meta Tags section, but that alone might not reveal the topic and niche you’re into.

When you write a headline for your blog post, make it keyword-rich. Gone are the days when you can stuff keywords or use blackhat SEO tricks – Google has now employed human editors.

Just research your keyword, and use it to craft a clickable headline. It must benefit the reader in a very special way. The keyword or phrase you’ve on the headline must appear in the content itself. Or else, it’d look like spam.

5.      Engage readers with your article

How do you engage readers with your article? Believe me, it’s easier said than done. Oftentimes, people misuse this term, “engage” to mean wasting readers’ time with irrelevant survey and polls.

But it’s not the engagement that Google craves for. To engage people with your article, make sure you understand what their problem is.

Every article you write must be tailored towards solving that problem. Nothing magical at all – it’s pure marketing, because you’ve something valuable to offer your reader.

Start engaging your readers and the latest exact match update would be far from you.

If you can challenge yourself to solve at least one problem, you’ll so much cultivate engagement on your site and consequently, boost your rankings. Do this and move on to the next point…

6.      Solve a pressing problem

Sure, there are so many problems in your niche – and you might be thinking how possible you can solve all these problems. Well, relax your mind because it’s easier than you think.

Search engine optimization is all about solving a particular problem. Draw up a scale of preference, and select the most pressing problem.

Blog readers are intelligent beings. They know you’ve weakness, which can hinder you from helping them 100%. Readers want you to solve their most bugging problem.

For instance, if you’re a business coach, one of the pressing needs of your target audience is how to reach potential buyers. Brand building is a need also, but don’t stress yourself with that for now. Just focus on the pressing need and solve it. It’d breed a stellar engagement and bring you rich organic traffic easily.

7.      Use a simple call to action

How can you use a simple call to action to skyrocket your SEO efforts? I know so many prolific writers who fail woefully when it comes to call to action marketing. But the truth is, you can introduce the system into your content early.

If you’re waiting to first complete the article before asking people to click a link or share your post, you’ll be missing out. Use the headline to arouse curiosity. The introduction (lede) is also a marketing weapon for preselling the content or product.

Call to action marketing helps the reader to expect something. And because they’re expectant, they can read through your entire article, rather than scan it. Also, you can learn how I use call to action on website.

If readers can read and leave comments on your blog post or share your link, it can add social proof to your SEO effort.

What is your take?

These 7 SEO strategies are powerful enough to increase your site’s rankings in Google. Isn’t it time your increase organic traffic and build a profitable online business? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it. See you ahead!


The importance of search engine optimization

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How important is Search Engine Optimization or SEO you ask? Many businesses with a presence on the internet are beginning to realize the importance of search engine optimization to their businesses. However, some still fail to take advantage of this process to increase their level of business. This article will talk about the significance of carrying out search engine optimization to your company’s website.

se friendly content

As the name suggests, search engine optimization results in websites ranking higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. With the exponential increase in the usage of the internet and the number of websites online, there is fierce competition between different website to attract the most traffic. Many shy away from search engine optimization since there is no procedure to attain a number one ranking for any particular keyword.

Statistics suggest that over fifty percent of people who use Google Search visit the first website result on display. This, itself, suggests that there is a considerable benefit from carrying out search engine optimization and gaining the first position for any keyword searched. The more popular the keyword is, the more the level of benefit attained.


Search engines are the best way to guarantee organic, relevant traffic to your website over a consistent period of time. This is because a majority of people look to search engines to direct them to the closest results to what they are looking for. If a search engine tells somebody that your site will give them what they need, they will more often than not trust them and visit your site. Then, if your content is good enough and actually help the visitor, you will find them visiting your website on a regular basis.

Once you have optimized your web pages, you only need to constantly update your website with high quality content to maintain your rankings. Recent algorithmic changes to Google have resulted in an increased value of web content. This means those who have websites that will naturally attract visitors will be rewarded by a high placement on search engines. As a result, as long as you are updating your site on a regular basis, you are guaranteed a considerable amount of traffic from search engines.

WP SEO Plugin

At the end of the day, search engines are not humans, and they are not able to pick with 100% accuracy what people wish to see when they search for any particular keyword. Despite massive improvements in search engine technology, optimizing one’s website gives a massive advantage in terms of traffic from search engines. While many will back their quality content, a little effort in making their website more search engine friendly can have unparalleled benefits.


Impressive Search Engine Results With Oneway Links

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One-way links are a valuable tool that can be quite useful to the website owner. The webmaster’s ideal goal is to have a large number of targeted visitors coming to his website hoping that they will browse around and even make some transactions. The catch is, though, you need to get your potential customers there. One way links may be able to allow you to. They help to generate traffic to your site in order that you achieve a far better rank in the very important search engines.

It is important to remember here is that there is certainly no 100% perfect process to acquire leading search engine results. Even so, there are thousands of strategies you can put into action to work your way up this ladder. One of them is using one way backlinks. Many of these links are simply a link aimed at your website from someone else’s website. Even though you have your link on their page, you do not have to put their backlink on your page. That’s an attractive advantage since it keeps the visitor at your site, rather than wandering off. Furthermore, it is helpful because the other website owner (the one which your backlink is on) will perform his best to receive visitors to his online site. Some will arrive at yours via his website. That means increased traffic from minimal levels of work.

[sws_blue_box box_size="615"] How Does An One Way Backlink benefit your web site in search engine rankings? [/sws_blue_box]

This is actually the primary debate. One motive for this is, if your backlink is there, the web site owner is vouching towards the value of your web site. In fact, the search engines also consider that these backlinks are superior to two way links due to this simple fact. The search engines are even ranking those sites which use quite a few reciprocal links less highly due to this concept.

Given that the other webmaster is committing to you by placing your backlink on his web page and not obtaining anything in return, this is certainly deemed as a more normal back linking trend as compared individuals that purchase reciprocal back links.

[sws_red_box box_size="615"] How To Get One Way Backlinks? [/sws_red_box]

Naturally, the hardest element is getting the one way links right off the bat. Very few site owners are going to offer this to you should you just ask. Should you have excellent quality content that is directly related to their website, some may do so. More than likely though, they will still want something in exchange.

One approach that a great number of people have discovered to be beneficial is by using article directories. Here, you construct a well produced, entertaining piece of content related to a theme that may be inside your online business. Then, at the bottom of the article you just incorporate your own internet backlink URL and background info. Website owners arrive at the directory to locate solid, top quality written content to put on their site. To take advantage of your material, they have to include your web page link too. It’s a beneficial situation because now you possess an one way link on their site to yours.

Oneway links are a major strategy that can help your web site rank well on the internet.

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How do Backlinks Help with SEO

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A backlink is a link which directs others towards your site; they are also often referred to as inbound links (IBL’s). So, the number of backlinks that your site has is an indication of how popular or important it is according to your peers (other site owners). These are especially important for SEO, as search engines such as Google will give more credit to those sites with a good number of quality backlinks. So they will then consider these sites more relevant than others in the results pages of a search query.

Most search engines will want websites to have a level playing field, and so will more often than not look for natural links that have been built slowly over time. Although it can be fairly easy to manipulate the links on a web page in order to achieve a higher ranking, it is a lot harder to influence a search engine with external backlinks from another site. This is why these feature so highly in a search engine’s algorithm. Today it has gotten even harder to achieve these inbound links because of unscrupulous webmasters. Such people try to achieve these links by deceptive or sneaky techniques (through either hidden links or through automatically generated pages). Such pages are known as link farms and they are generally disregarded by search engines. But if you are linked to such a link farm, then you may find your site being banned entirely from these search engines.

Another way of achieving quality backlinks to a site is to entice quality visitors to come to yours.

There are a number of ways in which back linking can be achieved.

1. Reciprocal Linking. this is where you link to another site that provides the same service or product as you and they in turn have a link to your site on theirs.

2. Site Submissions. Submit links for your site to directories which allow free submissions, or if you can afford it, some paid directories. There are many sites around which offer a service where you can submit your site details to numerous sites. Plus, if you want, you can always create your own directory of similar websites.

3. Articles. This is another way of getting great backlinks. So if you have a reputable looking site that contains informative, well written reviews, then there is a good chance that your articles will receive high search engine rankings also. But it is vital that any articles you write are on the subject, informative and thorough in relation to your site. Also you could always write a few articles for submission to article sites such as or This is another great way of getting even more backlinks to your site.

Below are a few tips you will need to consider in order to write good articles for your site.

a. Write in a way that your intended target audience will understand what you are trying to say. In other words, don’t write it like you were a teacher talking to a class of 10 year olds, but don’t be overly complicated.

b. Watch your spelling, grammar and punctuation. If in doubt, then use your spell checker.

c. Do not make your article too long. Usually a good article will consist of between 350 to 500 words.

d. Always include a resource box at the end, as this will include that all important backlink to your site. This resource box should also include a short biography regarding you and your site.

4. Blogging. This has now become an integral part of the internet, and is one of the most effective ways of linking. You either have the choice of placing a few words of comments on to someone else’s blog, or you may want to link to them from your own blog. In fact, you will find that most blogs will be happy to link back to you. However, it is important that you try to update your blog regularly and post interesting content to ensure that people will want to link back to you.


How to Determine the Keyword Selection for Your Site

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Making a website attractive to search engines is a key factor for its success. One of the key ways in which to rank well with search engines is by optimizing the visible keywords on the pages. But in order to be successful in your keyword strategy campaign, you should use the following two steps.

[box type="red"]Keyword Selection[/box]

You will need to determine what your pages are offering and also determine which words that your potential visitors might use in order to search for the pages of your site. You then need to create keywords which are based on those words.

keyword selection

For the full optimization of keywords on your site you should use between 3 to 5 keywords on the appropriate pages. It is vital that you start using them from the top left and then down. Many times you will find that this will be the first 200 words on each page of your site which will include the title tag, headings, abstract etc.

So the closer to the top left of your page the keywords are placed then the more weight they will be given by Google. Often, visitors will view your site in the same way that the search engine spider’s do, so emphasizing your keywords from the top left and down is a good way to design a site.

However, if your pages are already built, you may be thinking it is too late to select your keywords. But it’s not. It does not matter if you choose your keywords before or after the site has gone live (although it is better to do it before, as then you will not need to rewrite the text on the pages). But if it is live, then you may have the keywords, but they may not be the right ones. Yet they could be and you have not fully utilized their optimization value. So, if you wish, by using a thorough keyword selection process, you can make sure that they keywords you are using are optimized to their fullest extent.

Also, another issue where keyword selection is concerned is you need to determine whether the keyword is too popular or competitive. So if you find sites that are already competing for high rankings using particular keywords, then you may need to select more specific keywords instead. This can also be said for keywords which have several different meanings as well. Therefore it is important that you look how users will search for your pages, and which specific questions the content of your pages actually answers. So whenever possible, refine the keywords that you use in order to answer these questions.

But whenever you are refining your keywords, it is important that you keep in mind that a large portion of searches carried out on the net contain three words or more. So when people are searching for answers on the internet, they will often phrase their search term as a question. Therefore many people will not use search words that describe the solution to a question. So in order to optimize your pages to their full extent, it is best if you think like the person who is searching.

[box type="green"]Check out the Competition[/box]

This is a great way of getting ideas, and you do this by carrying out a search using keywords that you already know, and that you would like to target. Then click through the top sites that come up as a result of this search. Then once on the site, view their source HTML code and view the keywords that they have in their Meta tags. But it is important that you remember to use those keywords which relate to your site or page. It is easy to view a sites HTML code, all you do is click on the View button at the top of your web browser page and then select Source or Page Source.

By developing a list of keyword phrases, you should be able to optimize each page of your site for the search engines.


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