Thesis 2.0 On It’s Way

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Thesis, the best wordpress SEO theme, is going to upgrade to version 2.0 soon, yes, Thesis 2.0 is going to release soon. The developer of thesis theme recently talked about thesis 2.0.

[box type="red"]What’s up with Thesis 2?[/box]

As you know, Thesis has already changed the game once by introducing the revolutionary idea of theme frameworks. Thesis 2 is going to change the game again by becoming the world’s first full-fledged website template and design system. Now in its 17th month of development, Thesis 2 has been an incredible undertaking thus far. Here are a few milestones from the journey:

    • In March of 2011, I finished the first draft of the new HTML template system. In the time since, I’ve rewritten this sucker 3 times, improving performance and reliability with each rewrite. This thing is now rock solid and ready for the big time.
    • In April and May of 2011, I developed a new API for working with WordPress custom post meta data. If you’re not a developer, this will sound like jargon, but if you are a developer, you’re going to swoon over the new API (hint: You’ll be able to develop sophisticated, data-driven sites with ease).
      • In June of 2011, we hired our first full-time Thesis developer, Matt Gross. In addition to his work on data security, Matt has been working on the new Thesis file system, which is an integral part of Thesis 2. Matt also brought you this wonderful 1.8.3 update and an unmatched love for Texas barbecue.
      • During September and October of 2011, I built the first draft of the new Thesis CSS system. After using it for a month, I decided that it wasn’t good enough to carry the Thesis name, so I’ve been working on a smarter CSS system ever since.
      • Also in October, DIYthemes got its first office space in Austin, TX, and the development team now works out of this office. Typical days last from 9am to 7 or 8pm, and—I hate to brag—the place smells ever-so-faintly of bacon.
      • Naturally, I’ve also been building a new Thesis interface throughout the development process. What can you expect here? Simplicity, clarity, and speed. You’re gonna dig it.

Of course, the above points are a 35,000-foot overview of the actual development process. Thesis 2 is a sophisticated machine that is going to streamline everything you know about building websites, deploying designs, and adding functionality.

The only question left is…

[box type="green"]When can you get your hands on Thesis 2?[/box]

Right now, I don’t have an exact answer. But know this:

The current version of Thesis is still the leading framework when it comes to lightning-fast loading times, pixel-perfect typography, and search engine rankings.

So what’s left before Thesis 2.0 comes out? Instead of keeping it a secret, I decided to reveal our plans and progress. Here’s what we have left to do:

I’m still building the CSS system (though it’s almost done), and Matt and I still have work to do on the new Thesis file system. Also, I’m still hammering on the Thesis Skin system to ensure a simple and awesome user experience. Once we’ve got all the pieces working properly, we’re going to bolt on automatic updates, and then we’ll be ready to launch.

Guessing how long this will take is useless. Instead, we’re going to bust our tails every day until it’s done—this way, we’ll know that we finished the project as quickly as we could.

I know you’re all excited about Thesis 2 and want it as soon as possible—heck, I’m right there with ya! I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and support, and pretty soon, we’re going to bring you more magic than you ever thought possible.


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