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Customize WordPress Admin Interface

Most of us only customize the front end of our WordPress Blog or any other site, but customizing the back-end panel is also a great idea. Here I will show you how to customize your WordPress Admin via a single wordpress plugin.

ScreenShot of our Back End

Login Screen

Admin Interface

I hope you must be liking our login screen and admin interface. This can easily be done by using a wordpress plugin known as Fluency Admin. There are many features that you can use in this plugin. This is an easy to use plugin with many eye catching customizations.

Fluency Admin Features

1. Custom Login Screen : With a simple option you can style the login form to match the rest of the Fluency style.

2. Add your own logo : You can specify your own blog or business logo for both the login page and the top of the admin menu allowing you to quickly and easily brand your blog.

3. Hover Menus : Reducing the number of clicks needed to access menu items, Fluency adds stylish hover menus. Now everything is just one click away.

4. Menu ‘Hot-keys’ : Each of the default top level menus has been assigned a ‘hot key’, represented by the underlined character. Your hands may never need to leave the keyboard.

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