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Tips To Recover From Google Panda

March 30, 2012

Its been almost one year from the day I started blogging. I have seen many ups and down in this one year, but the good thing is that I tried to be loyal towards my visitors and towards my blog, and the result is in front of everyone. Like many of you, I was also the victim of PANDA for almost four months, which affected almost 70%-80% of my organic traffic. It was from past 2 months that I have swiftly recovered from Panda, actually now I am in a better position than before and my traffic is 20%-30% better than my best. Many of you want to know that how I recovered from panda, so I thought to list some points that helped me to recover from Panda.

Things that helped me to Recover from Panda Update

1. The foremost thing that I did, was to improve the site loading speed. Many of my blogger friends has complained about the slow loading of pages in my blog, so I thought to give my site a boost. For that I started cutting down few plugins that may slow down the site loading. If you want the complete list of plugins that I am currently using then you can check out this post “Best WordPress Plugins that I use in 2012”. I removed the unnecessary plugins and replaced some resource hogging plugins with light one.

2. In next step I opted to go for Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN reduces the load on your current server and allows the visitors to pull the content from the servers that are very near to their locations, thus reducing the ping time. Currently I am using MaxCDN and it seems to be good, as my shared server is easily able to handle the traffic of 20,000 UV per day without any problem or downtime.


3. After decreasing the loading time of my site to a great extent with the help of CDN and good wordpress plugins, I emphasized on customizing the theme so that it will become more user-friendly both for visitors and Google bots. I removed all the unnecessary parts from the theme, and tried to make it clean and easily accessible.

4. Then comes the most important part, content writing. I started writing atleast one article daily which is hot and happening, because bots get attracted towards new and original contents easily. After making all these changes I see some improvements in my blog, like, now the articles are getting indexed quickly.

5. As I have always been a fan of Thesis Theme, which is one of the best SEO wordpress theme in the market, I continued using it, although there was a rumor that the blogs that have thesis installed are the blogs that are getting affected by the Panda updates the most. But in reality, this is not the case, Thesis is still one of the best and complete SEO solution for wordpress. To be honest, I have never used any SEO plugin.

6. Don’t give more emphasis on backlinks building, because Google is much more smarter than you think. Your site may get penalized due to heavy backlinking or poor backlinks. I never gave emphasis on backlinks and I hardly comment in other blogs. Believe me, I make only one or two comments in other blogs in a week or so.

7. Don’t use pop ups or pop unders, they may dramatically reduce the visits of Google bots. Personally I do not recommend any pop-up, it is not user-friendly in the eye of bots as well as visitors.

These are few points that helped me to recover from Panda and definitely will help you too. If you have any more suggestions to recover from Panda, then please feel free to reply below.

Btw, below is my this months analytics report, hope that this may motivate the bloggers that have been suffered by Panda Updates.


Ashish Soutiyal+ is the Founder and Administrator of Tech Blog. He love to explore the tech world. He is a part time dedicated blogger, coder and designer of Xinz.
Ashish Soutiyal

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1 Rahul Kashyap March 31, 2012 at 11:51 am

this is great articles ya really plz check my blog and give me some tipps :)


2 Rohit Tripathi April 5, 2012 at 11:38 am

Thanks, i was really looking for this from a person who himself experienced.


3 shikar April 10, 2012 at 11:53 am

My blog is clearlly hit by panda but it is on blogger what to do ?? and how much time it take to recover?


4 PrIyAnGsHu @ Make Money Online April 11, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Great tips bro ! I was also affected by the recent Panda update, but have now recovered after following a few strategies !


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